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Industrial floors are often exposed to high impact activities, including the frequent movement of people and heavy machinery. As a result, such floors can quickly degrade if they are not made of durable material. These are the main reasons why commercial property owners often have to choose functionality over aesthetics. They go for floor types that are durable, but not necessarily beautiful. However, with industrial grade epoxy floor coating, you don’t have to choose. You can have both.

Epoxy floor coating is a liquid floor system that is poured onto a cement floor to coat it. The technique used when spreading it determines the quality and durability of the floor. To ensure the best technique is used on your floor, you need to hire experienced commercial epoxy flooring installers. 

This coating protects the cement floor below from moisture, chemical spills, and wear and tear. Since most industries have high traffic numbers, having a floor coating that is resistant to wear and tear will definitely make the floor last longer. We understand the need for floor durability in industries.  

That is why we’ve got the best commercial epoxy floor installers on our team. Texas Floor FX provides industrial floor coating services to commercial clients in Texas. We also have some of the best industrial epoxy floor coating contractors in Huntsville, TX. Our commercial floor installers will pay you a visit at your facility a visit to identify your general and specific flooring needs. For instance, when installing commercial kitchen flooring epoxy, our experts will find out the kind of activities that take place in your kitchen before making their flooring recommendations.

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